You CAN’T be into Steel business at all (or for that matter, into any business) – Said Myra’s Dad.
Come Home before 7PM or it would be bad, Log Kya Kahenge (People will judge) – Said Meera’s Mother.
Ugh, why don’t you keep a beard on your face, that might help looking like a guy – Said Rohit’s mother and college friends.
you wana get married right? Start going to gym or else wedding would be a dream – Said everyone’s aunt.

Komal want to be an entrepreneur. Meera has to travel outside office hours for work. Rohit do not like hairs on his face and I always want to marry to one who love me no matter I am fat or thin!
One thing is clear! Our society won’t change because they might have entered into 2020 with us but they actually failed in bringing along their thinking and mentality and continue to carry the stereotypical ideologies in their favourite rule book which they have created for us and majorly girls.


Because we guarantee you, at least once you were a victim of this vicious cycle. You might have not realized it then but trust me you were. Think about it. Think about whenever someone told you to change when some made you feel that you were not soothing to their eyes when someone told you were UNSANSKARI , but you knew you were not.

So we want you to shout out it all out of your heart and tell the world and people around you that Its enough. If they cant change, so should we! And we will. Because we have got one life and we want to make the most of it. Come on our ship, meet more people, share your experiences, give your reviews to your friends, be opinionated, and at last, just say what you feel!

After all, who do not want to say the famous quote by Cherokee Proverb: - When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice

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