Behave, you are a girl!

Aree, beta!

Behave properly,

Have you forgotten all the instructions I have given you?

Yes! You have a valid point to say,

But just shut your mouth anyway!

By reminding yourself all those teachings,

Which are taught generation after generation,

Unfollowing of which,

Leads to societies accusation.

Just talk like a lady,

Have that sweetness and softness in your voice,

When the people hear you,

They should not call it noise.

Don’t have that boldness in your voice,

Neither that aggression,

And yes, NEVER!

Never-ever shout at the highest pitch,

You can louden your voice,

But just a smidge.

Remember, my daughter,

When 2 elders are talking, don’t interfere,

That’s not girly, I swear!

Beta, it is morally wrong!

All your facts, those reasonings,

In that dustbin, they all belong!

And yes! Most important!

Keep your head low when you talk,

Never make that eye-contact,

Or else people will conclude,

That somewhere my teachings lack!

"Am not quarrelling over here,

But these senseless rules, aren’t fair!

I have this mind to think,

IQ for reasoning,

This mouth to speak,

That too loud and clear,

Then why should I be silent?

Because of how this society will stare?

While conversing with the elders,

If I make an eye-contact,

Or contradict to them,

With a logical fact,

Or just say it plainly that,

NO! here you are mistaken,

Then it is not an immoral act!

In fact, they are a part of moral ethics!

Dear society,

If you think that all this makes me unprincipled,

Or UNSANSKARI to be precise,

And think of giving me some advice,

Then just keep it to yourself,

Coz, for me, it is of no help!

I am a happy unsanskari naari,

And will be a one, always,

And don’t worry,

It won't bring in some disgrace."

- via Kanika Anand

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