Is PEER PRESSURE boon or bane?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Peer pressure :Need of positive pressure.

Need of Positive Peer pressure

Peer pressure is "influence from members of one's peer group." And positive peer pressure is someone's peer is influence to do things positively and it leads to the growth of the individual. We are living in age that mental health has equal importance as physical health. There would be situations we feel like mentally depressed or ill. In such moments you should have a shoulder to cry on, you need some sympathy and support from a person or from your peer group. And this positive pressure has a special role in our life to take a break and in problem solving.

Positive peer pressure from daily life.

Positive peer pressure gives support to go ahead. If you are a student or adult who needs to brighten in academics, your peer group too will have influence on it. The members in your peer group have discussions on general things, you too can be aware about it by interacting with them. If a group is active in charitable activities, the members in the group also can improve themselves and take part in those social activities. When you are down, distracted, or depressed even in the covid pandemic time, all you need is some supporting hands to strengthen you to move on.

Peer pressure :Can negative peer pressure influence your individuality?

Negative peer pressure is negative Influence from the members of one's peer group. Positive peer pressure is helpful, but when it comes to negatively affecting you, what should we do? "It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are" Said Roy E Disney who was a longtime senior executive for the Walt Disney Company,and the nephew of Walt Disney. When would you feel difficulties to make a decision? Yes, when you are confused. Confusions with the situations, with right or wrong, with your feelings about yourself and others would lead you to approach other people for decision making. Except in some cases, getting confused in all situations and a tendency to approach others won't make you independent. When you want to discuss everything with others before you taking a stand on it, it means that you are not confident in your values and you believe other people than yourself. Asking help, or depending other people in your peer group won't affect you negatively and it doesn't have any role in your independence. But when you do actions according to their decisions can be a reason to losing your individuality and prevent you from taking decisions independently.

Negative peer pressure from social media.

Peer pressure influence you negatively in some aspects of social media. What's app, face book, Instagram are some social platforms in which peer groups may influence a person. Sharing things they have in their groups would make one imitate their peer's lifestyle.Bringing other people's style into our life, will lead to financial troubles, while comparing ourselves to other people would give only a lot of stress to our mind. So try to avoid negative influences from social media and live a peaceful life.

Peer pressure in different age groups.

Peer pressure can influence people in their different stages of life.Children and adolescents get influenced by their peer group. They wanted to fit in a group and get accepted by the members of the group. To be accepted by other people in the group, they start to follow peer's talking styles,manners, dressing styles. It allows slight variations in children's use of language, and in their academics too. So parents get worried in children whether they copy the negative natures of their friends.

Copying a peer's style to be accepted by them is also happening in adolescents. Adolescents start to think that they are attached to their friends rather than the family and in every situation they have friends to offer help as a strength. By this mind state they get detached from family and chances of involvement in new habits is high. Habits include drinking, use of drugs are some examples.

Not only the children, adolescents, elders also may get into peer pressure. Having a lifestyle like other people in the group, forces you to spend more than you earn. This would be a clean show off among the group to have a place in that group. While getting busy in such show offs, people start to ignore their own children's happiness and forget to take care of them.

Negative peer pressure:Don't imitate, If you are unique !

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is okay if it helps you to improve positively and causes for your growth and character building. But what's the need of negative peer pressure? If you are unique as well as beautiful in your own character, if you have a stand and strong opinion in any situation, if you are able to do things your own with out depend others, your peer group can never make negative impact on you.Negative impact in the sense, if they have luxury life and you are forced to pretend to be like them, to have a place in the group, if your peer group is forcing you to use drugs because they had addicted to it, if they forces you to say yes when you feel like no these are some negative pressures that you may get from your group. What's the need of such peers in our life? If you are a unique individual. Everything in the world is different and unique as you. No two people are same. You are beautiful and beyond compare with your own values,attitude, and individuality. So why should we imitate others? Think about it, if i could ignite some spark to your thoughts.

Penned down by Padmaja. P. Gopi

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